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jujutsu kaisen movie 0 Introduction

Yuji Itadori, a compassionate teenager, initially joins the Occult Club at his school for some lighthearted amusement. However, to his astonishment, he soon realizes that the club members are actual sorcerers, proficient in the manipulation of mystical energies connecting all living beings. The discovery of a cursed artifact, the finger of Sukuna, a malevolent demon, sends shockwaves through their world, as various cursed entities relentlessly hunt for it.

In a selfless act to safeguard his friends, Yuji bravely consumes the cursed finger, inadvertently becoming the vessel for Sukuna’s malevolent spirit. Surprisingly, as he grapples with this newfound burden, Yuji uncovers a latent magical ability within himself. This power allows him to harness the dark energy of Sukuna without succumbing to the demon’s malevolence.

Determined to rid himself of Sukuna’s influence and to help those afflicted by curses, Yuji enrolls at the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College. His mission is clear: to seek out and consume all of Sukuna’s scattered fingers. This arduous task is the key to orchestrating a complete exorcism, ultimately releasing him from the clutches of the malevolent demon and restoring peace to his world.jujutsu kaisen download link below


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