Poweramp Music Player v3build-965-uni MOD APK

Poweramp Introduction

Poweramp MOD APK is a powerful music player application for Android, which offers advanced features compared to other music players available on the Google Play Store. The developer designed the application with three key features in mind: audio editing, user experience, and interface. It is recommended to try the trial version available on the Google Play Store before purchasing the full version. With over 10 million installations and positive reviews, Poweramp is a highly rated and popular choice for a music player. For the best music listening experience, download Poweramp on your device.

Poweramp Feature

Audio equalizer

The standard music player may not provide the optimal listening experience. poweramp full version unlocker apk offers a customized equalizer that allows you to adjust the sound quality to your preferences. By swiping up and down on the liner button, you can set the perfect sound quality. The equalizer also makes it easy to increase or decrease the bass quality. Each adjustment bar includes frequency, bass, and treble levels, allowing you to control the frequency of the music with ease. Poweramp’s equalizer adjustment kit allows you to easily change the frequency for an enhanced listening experience.

poweramp v3 comes with a powerful equalizer kit that helps to eliminate background noise in low-quality audio. With this tool, you can improve the sound quality of songs with low-quality sound. The equalizer allows you to adjust the frequency to remove unwanted noise from the audio source. This is a useful feature of the application that benefits all users. The equalizer section displays the frequency of the songs being played. At the bottom of the screen, the bass and treble options are available for adjustment. Selecting these options will immediately apply the changes to the audio.

Filter songs With Poweramp

Songs stored on devices can often appear out of order, making it difficult for music lovers to find their desired tracks. In these cases, a sorting feature is necessary to properly align the songs. Standard music players may not have a filtering option, or if they do, it may only organize songs in alphabetical order. poweramp full version apk offers multiple options for organizing and sorting songs. By clicking the filter option, you can access various filtering methods such as by artist, release year, or other criteria. Once you have chosen your preferred sorting method, the song list will be arranged accordingly.

Grid view

poweramp equalizer offers various designed song list views. Users can select a different style music view in the settings, with currently over 10 designed views available, each with an attractive design. These listing views provide a more compact view for users. Users can select the provided compact grid view to apply the changes immediately. The compact view designs include an image with a title, a large image with small text, and more. The developer plans to add more pre-made templates for users in the future.


poweramp old version has an eye-catching and attractive interface that is designed to be user-friendly. The developer has done an excellent job in creating an interface that is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. The equalizer section features a stylized bar style with rounded button adjustments for bass. Users can also adjust the bass by dragging and rotating the button. The song tracklist is perfectly designed with a new design tool. The Android notification bar has also been well-designed, showing the song name, image, and time bar when the app is running in the background. Users can also choose from various theme styles and background designs in the settings.

Support all formats

poweramp hi-res output supports all types of audio formats, including MP3, AAV, OGG, and more. Unlike the default Android music player that only supports a limited number of audio formats, Poweramp supports all formats including advanced ones like Opus, TAK and others. The equalizer settings can convert the frequency of any audio format, allowing you to adjust the sound quality of any song. The built-in audio processor detects the sound quality and kbps, making it easy to apply frequency adjustments to the sound.

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